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General Security Standards

LPS 1262 (Draft)

Requirements for companies installing security equipment

The correct installation of any security equipment is critical to that product providing the expected level of protection. This standard assesses installation companies on their training and suitability to install products to the appropriate level of protection.

LPS 1183: Issue 4.1, 2004

Requirements and test procedures for the approval of safe storage units

Safes and strongrooms are classified according to their resistance to determined attempts to gain unauthorised access to the contents.

EN 1143-1

Secure storage units. Part 1 Safes, strongroom doors and strongrooms

Very similar to LPS 1183 except there are prescriptive requirements for the locking system which must meet EN1300 (Secure storage units. Classification for high security locks according to their resistance to unauthorised entry).

EN 1143-2, 2001

Secure storage units

Requirements, classification and methods of test for resistance to burglary. Deposit systems.

LPS 1228: Issue 1, 1997

Specification for testing and classifying the burglary resistance of office furniture - lightweight containers.

LPS 1214: issue 2, 1996

Specification for testing and classifying physical protection devices for personal computers and similar equipment.

LPS 1224: Issue 2, 1999

Requirements for secure database registers

Specifications to ensure the viability and effectiveness of database registers for the recording of property and its owner.

LPS 1225: Issue 3, 2003

Specification for testing and classifying asset marking systems

Tests to prove the effectiveness and durability of property marking products.

LPS 1269 (Draft)

Requirements for the approval and testing of microdot' asset marking devises

The classification system within this standard indicates the resistance of the microdot mark to eradication of ownership traceability without visible damage to the marked item.

LPS 1175: Issue 5.1, 2004

Specification for testing and classifying the burglary resistance of building components, strong-points and security enclosures

This covers a range of products for which the LPCB have developed tests to satisfy the security needs of insurers, police, government or other specifiers.

BS 7939:1999

Smoke Security Devices - Manufacture, installation & maintenance

Devices which, on intrusion, generate non-toxic smoke to disorientate intruders and reduce loss.

LPS 1266 (Draft)

Requirements and tests for external barriers, fences and gates

This standard is based on manual attack testing and defines six levels of resistance to penetration. Fencing materials that create a complete five or six sided enclosure are covered by LPS 1175.

  • Security Fencing Independent evaluation has also been accepted for certain high security fencing, including electronic protection and wall/fence-top protection, for which there is currently no suitable test standard.
  • Forensic Trace (DNA) products. Independent evaluation has also been accepted for these products that identify the owner through chemical analysis.

BS EN 50131-1, 1997

Alarm Systems

Communication systems for intruder alarms as tested against the standard by LPCB.

BS: PAS 820 Forensic coding

tests forensic coding for performance when exposed to artificial weathering. Allows  the classification of products where the identification or verification of the mark requires laboratory analysis. It only covers the code – not the carrying system.


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