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Becoming a Secured by Design Member

The Secured by Design membership scheme includes member companies whose products have been awarded the 'Police Preferred Specification' status. Product categories range from doors, locks, windows, asset marking and control, stolen vehicle tracking, computer security, forensic trace products, fencing and many more.

Applying for Secured by Design membership

You can become a member of Secured by Design after testing (and passing) security standards specified by Secured by Design (SBD). Products which are not currently covered by a suitable public test will be subject to evaluation by a technical authority acceptable to Secured by Design.

Membership is subject to an annual fee. Only member companies are entitled to use the Secured by Design logo and promote the term 'Police Preferred Specification' on tested products.

Contacting your regional Development Officer

Our team of dedicated Development Officers are happy to answer any queries that you may have regarding the SBD membership application process and the benefits associated with the scheme

West Midlands, Wales and South West England
Mick Reynolds
Tel: 07843 633393
Email: mick.reynolds@acpo-sbd.co.uk

North West England and Ireland
Michael Brooke
Tel: 07843 633392
Email: michael.brooke@acpo-sbd.co.uk

South East England and Home Counties
Doug Skins
Tel: 07515 329870
Email: doug.skins@acpo-sbd.co.uk

Scotland, Northumberland, Durham and Cleveland
Jacqui Shiel
Tel: 07790 013839
Email: jacqui.shiel@acpo-sbd.co.uk

Eastern England, East Midlands and East Anglia
Alfie Hosker
Tel: 07710 978057
Email: alfie.hosker@acpo-sbd.co.uk



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