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What is "Designing out Crime"

Designing out crime deals with concepts of reducing anonymity of the offender, territoriality - the relationship between private space and public space, environmental design and physical security measures. Offenders feel more vulnerable in private space and adjoining public spaces can feed off this reaction making it appear that potential crime targets in the public area are under the control of residents. This empowerment of residents is sometimes called defensible space.

The aim of 'Designing Out Crime' is to reduce the vulnerability of people, property and businesses to crime by removing opportunities that may be unintentionally provided by the surrounding environment. It also aims to reduce fear of crime and, in doing so, helps to improve people's quality of life.

Secured by Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of 'designing out crime'. SBD is a holistic approach bringing together 'designing out crime' with physical security.

What is a Crime Prevention Design Advisor?

The Crime Prevention Design Advisor (CPDA) is a specialist crime prevention officer; they are trained in dealing with crime risk and designing out crime advice for the built environment. In addition to physical security measures the officer will consider defensible space, access, crime and movement generators all of which can contribute to a reduction in crime and disorder. In some forces they may also be called the Architectural Liaison Officer.

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