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Gate Safe - five years of making gates safe

23 September 2010 marks the fifth anniversary of Gate Safe - the charity founded following the tragic deaths of two young children in separate automated gate accidents - but five years on Gate Safe insists there is still much to be done to improve the safety of automated gates and barriers in the UK.


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Research summaries

Secured by Design regularly commissions research into a range of crime-related topics. Summaries of a few of our recent projects are provided below. Please contact us for more information on these or any other areas of interest.

Delivering a Safe & Secure Olympic Games, London 2012

Secured by Design principles and techniques were used by the London Olympic Crime Prevention team throughout the planning and construction stages for the Olympic Park, Village, and Westfield Shopping Centre with each phase analysed to ensure it met our tough standards for safety.

  • Secured by Design was an intrinsic part of the safe and secure delivery of the Olympic & Paralympic Games which demonstrated the best of UK design and sporting excellence
  • Demonstrable proof that iconic, accessible and unconventional design can be safe and secure too
  • Early planning meant that Secured by Design principles were delivered at relatively low cost, whilst maintaining high levels of security and safety
  • During the games, crime was kept low and all major disorders or terrorist activities avoided
  • Measures enable the public to enjoy the benefit of a prestigious and safe environment for years to come
  • Secured by Design was delivered successfully, whilst other security elements of Olympic planning faced public scrutiny
  • Secure and decent housing built for the future, ensuring the Olympic regeneration legacy is realised

National Olympic Security Coordinator and Metropolitan Police Lead for Safety and Security for London 2012, Chris Allison, commented that using Secured by Design in the planning process "significantly helped to enhance safety… and is much more cost effective than attempting to add on measures at a later stage"

The carbon cost of crime

Secured by Design recently highlighted the environmental impact of crime, showing that the loss and damage associated with reported crime in England and Wales equates to a staggering 5.5 million tonnes of CO2 per year. Un-recorded crime is estimated to take the total up to 6.5 million tonnes.

A further 5.6 million tonnes is attributable to the consequences of crime, such as car journeys taken for fear of walking home, or moving home as a result of safety fears. This takes the total figure to over 12 million tonnes – equivalent to 2% of the UK’s total CO2 output.

Security is a high priority for homebuyers

Private developers have been slower than their counterparts in social housing to adopt Secured by Design standards, citing homebuyers’ lack of interest or reluctance to pay any additional costs. However, independent research by the University of Huddersfield has shown the opposite to be true.

In fact, a survey run through two national estate agents showed that security is a major consideration for homebuyers of all ages and both sexes, ranking above the cosmetic appeal of built-in kitchen appliances, a garage, or fitted carpets. Over a third of first-time buyers and those considering new-build homes favoured a secure environment above all other features and the majority of homebuyers would expect to pay extra for better security (over half of those aged under 25 and almost 75% of those aged 55 and over).

The impact of Secured by Design

Research has shown that Secured by Design developments (those using products and materials approved by Secured by Design) are half as likely to be burgled and show a reduction of 25% in criminal damage.

For further information please contact Maxine Poole on 020 7084 8961 or at sbdmarketing@acpo.pnn.police.uk



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