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Licensed Consultants

Legitimise your role with Secured by Design, become a licensed consultant…

Secured by Design brings together recognised principles of designing out crime and proven elements of physical security, Working with the construction industry we look to reduce crime during the lifetime of the building development and the local .

Secured by Design successfully runs a licensing scheme for member companies which shows a company’s products meets our high standards and are demonstrated to prevent crime. Our logo is recognised by procurement managers and decision-makers in the policing and construction industry.

We want to officially authorise individuals through a new voluntary licensing scheme that seeks to recognise those who offer SBD guidance by claiming specific knowledge, experience or skills and by ‘associating’ themselves with Secured by Design.

Why are we introducing the licensing scheme now?

  • We want to stop self-titled consultants delivering SBD guidance without having the experience necessary for the role.
  • We have decided the time is right to build up a community of experts in preventing and designing out crime.
  • We want to award the real experts with membership to the only official police-endorsed scheme.

Thanks to the success of events such as the London 2012 Olympics where SBD provided the benchmark for developing the security principles for buildings, we are aware that there is a demand for people outside of the UK Police Service to offer all, or part of, Secured by Design. We want to ensure that individuals delivering SBD’s principles and guidance are registered, experienced and skilled consultants.

By introducing the SBD license scheme we want to create a legitimate community of security professionals throughout the UK and centralise a secure way for customers to search and ensure they only employ the skills of a true SBD licensed consultant.

Why become a licensed SBD consultant?

This Secured by Design scheme will showcase your skills to potential customers as a crime prevention expert. As with our member companies, our logo shows that SBD consultants come with a reputation for their skills and expertise. You can, in an official capacity, provide SBD advice on new developments and refurbishments.

In addition our licensee agreement states a licensed SBD consultant will receive the following benefits:

  • the right to use agreed phrases about competence and an approved logo
  • entry on the SBD website as a licensed individual
  • SBD e-newsletter subscription
  • updates about changes in the SBD specification, test standards and guidance
  • the opportunity to attend ACPO SBD events nationwide, including the National Training Event
  • an SBD Licensed consultant ID card.

Become an SBD Licensed Consultant



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