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Henry Squire & Sons Limited

Company Logo for Henry Squire & Sons Limited

Hilton Cross Business Park
WV10 7QZ

Telephone: 01902 308050
Email: info@henry-squire.co.uk
Web: www.squirelocks.co.uk


Bicycle Security:


Challenger ‘D’ Lock. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0103/480)

Mako Combi Conger. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0512/1213)

Mako Combi 25/1200 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0512/1212)

Mako Combi 18/1800 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0512/1211)

Mako Combi 18/1900 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0512/1210)

Mako Combi 25/1200 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0512/1212)

Mako Combi CN6/900 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0712/1228)

Mako CN6/900 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0212/1193)

Mako 18/1800 Cable Lock. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0610/1108)

Mako 18/900 Cable Lock. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0408/1014)

Mako 25/1200 Cable Lock. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0610/1107)

Mako Conger (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0610/1110)


Certified by:

Sold Secure to Pedal Cycle Bronze


Reef 290 (Bikehut Shackle Lock 290) (Sold Secure Ref:RB/0912/1233)

Reef 230 (Bikehut Shackle Lock 230) (Sold Secure Ref:RB/0912/1232)

Hammerhead Combi 290 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0114/1305)

Hammerhead Combi 230 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0114/1304)

Mako Combi AD25/1200. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0311/1147)

Mako Combi CN8/900. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0512/1214)

Snaplock 260 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0311/1147)

Snaplock 210 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0311/1142)

Mako CN8/600. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0614/1322)

Mako CN8/900. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0610/1109)

Mako Plus AD25/1200 (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0512/1216)

J3/J4 Chains (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0100/649)

DCL1/J£ Padlock and Chain. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0307/0931)


Certified by:

Sold Secure to Pedal Cycle Silver


 G3/G4 Chains (Sold Secure Ref:MCME/0205/731)

Eiger Compact (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0213/1251)

Eiger 230 D-Lock. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0213/1249)

Eiger Mini/G3. (Sold Secure Ref:RB/1113/1299)

Hammerhead 230 and 290. (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/1011/1174)

SS50 P5 Padlock (Sold Secure Ref:PCME/0311/1148)


Certified by:

Sold Secure to Pedal Cycle Gold


Motor Cycle / Scooter Security:


G3/G4 Chains (Sold Secure Ref:MCME/0205/731)


Certified by:

Sold Secure to Motor Scooter Silver


Eiger Mini D Lock (Sold Secure Ref:MCME/0213/1250)

SS50CS/TC4 Padlock and Chain (Sold Secure Ref:MCME/0100/044)

SS50CS Padlock. (Sold Secure Ref:MCME/0912/1234)

TC3 / TC4 Chains (Sold Secure Ref:MCME/0512/1209)

SS65CS/TC4 Padslock and Chain (Sold Secure Ref:MCME/1099/014)

GAI Ground Anchor (Sold Secure Ref:GAME/1099/016)

SS65 Padlock Only (Sold Secure Ref:MCME/0912/1235)


Certified by:

Sold Secure to Motorcycle Gold


Domestic Security Cabinets:


Stronghold Key Keep Domestic Security Cabinet (Sold Secure Ref:SFME/0115/1363)


Certified by:

Sold Secure to Bronze Level




Squire SS50S, SS50 M3 ARX, SS50CS, SS50C M3 ARX, SS65S LEV 3, SS65 M3ARX LEV 3,SS65CS LEV 3 and SS65C M3 ARX LEV 3 Padlocks


Certified to:

LPS1654. Issue 1. Requirements and testing procedures for the LPCB approval and listing of padlocks (Certificate 1179a refers)


Cylinder Locks:


Henry Squire Tri Star Europrofile Cylinder (3 Star Rating)


Certified to:

DHF/GGF TS007:2014 – Enhanced Security Performance Requirements For replacement Cylinders And/Or Associated Security Hardware (BSI Kitemark KM612258)



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