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Burglary Prevention Advice


  • Windows are a popular point of entry for burglars through breaking glass or just being left open.
  • If you are replacing windows install windows certified to British Standard BS7950 Windows of Enhanced Security
  • Consider using laminated glass in ground-floor and accessible windows such as those above a flat roof.
  • Laminated glass holds together when shattered or when someone attempts to break it
  • Ground floor easy to reach windows, above a flat roof or near a drainpipe, should have locks UNLESS used as a fire escape. In this case laminated glass still provides security.
  • Small windows such as skylights or bathroom fanlights need locks.
  • If a thief can get their head through, with a bit of effort the body can follow.

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Grilles, Shutters & Window Protection

  • Consider fitting security grilles or shutters to vulnerable windows - but only if these windows are not escape routes in case of fire.
  • Glazing may be further protected with the addition of accredited adhesive window film.

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