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Burglary Prevention Advice

Many burglaries are opportunist crimes. A burglar only needs to spot an open window or an unlocked door or gate to make their move. If you think your security looks poor then so will a burglar.

Burglars will select their targets when they think they have the best opportunity to carry out the crime undetected, with the smallest number of obstacles, such as unoccupied or insecure homes and buildings. Over the next few pages we will provide advice and tips on how to secure your home against burglars. Some recommendations do not even cost anything.

Our Security Checklist provides easy to follow advice and tips to secure your home against burglars; you can even download and print it. We have also provided advice on how to choose a supplier.

It doesn't take much to improve security and it's a good investment. The right security will last a long time, can add value to your property, can benefit your insurance cover and most of all give you peace of mind.

Good prevention denies the use of normally available tools, increases the risk for the thief perhaps by increasing the noise, effort and time to steal, or reduces the value to the thief.

There are a wide range of products out there so it is often difficult to know how effective they are. Secured by Design has identified a range of test standards that indicate products which are more likely to resist common forms of attack and therefore give better protection against burglars and thieves.

Read our Security checklist and if you would then like further information on specific areas of your home click on the links below.

Please use the links below for more information.


For more information on the specific test standards click here

Please note that Secured by Design does not guarantee products, but provides technical standards that show reasonable resilience to attack.



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