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Holiday Security Checklist

When arranging your holiday make sure think about your home security for while you are away. Just because you are on holiday does not mean burglars are taking time off too. If it looks like you are away then your home could become a target. Follow our simple tips to secure your home against burglars.

  • As you start to plan and prepare for your well-earned break, make sure you have a small safe in your property to store your passport, foreign currency and travel documents until you go away. Many holidays have been ruined by passports and cash being stolen a few days before people set off. Use it for jewellery, cheque books and credit cards not wanted on holiday.
  • Make sure the garden looks cared for and that passers-by can see the front of your home so that a burglar can't work without being spotted. Some people think large overgrown hedges help hide their property, but they can be a blessing to those wanting to break in.
  • Remove and secure items that may be used to break in or climb up such as ladders and garden tools, and securely lock your shed so that burglars can't use the tools inside.
  • Use automatic timer-switches to turn on a light and perhaps a radio when it gets dark.
  • Cancel any newspaper or milk deliveries
  • Work with your neighbours to keep an eye on each other's homes, Neighbourhood Watch groups are good for this.
  • A pile of post on the doormat is a clear sign that you are away. Ask a trusted neighbour to pick up your post, or use Royal Mail's "Keepsafe" service; they will keep your mail for up to two months
  • A trusted neighbour may also be able to help by coming round and opening and closing curtains and could even park their car on your driveway making it look like people are coming and going from your home.
  • Never leave keys anywhere near the front door, including your letterbox; burglars know where to look.
  • Consider fitting a letterbox cage or other restrictor to prevent burglars from putting their hands or gadgets through and opening the latches from the inside.
  • If you have a burglar alarm make sure it is serviced and you have mutual arrangement with a neighbour to hold keys and check the property. False calls are annoying and the genuine one may just get ignored.
  • Don't advertise that you are away. Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter can be a risk if people know you are away and your home is empty.



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